A luxurious entrance based on brown and gold welcomes you.

The lobby is clean and has a calm atmosphere.
Newspapers and tourist brochures available, so please relax and enjoy.

  • Happy Welcome Drink Service

    Happy Welcome Drink Service

    In addition to coffee, latte, cappuccino, etc., as well as tea sweets available

  • Smart Check-In / Check-Out

    Smart Check-In / Check-Out

    An automatic payment machine makes check-in and check-out so much easier.

Fully Stocked Amenity Bar

There is an amenity bar at the front desk.
Feel free to pick up the amenities according to your needs.

List of Amenities
  • ・Toothbrush
  • ・Razor (3 blades)
  • ・Shaving Cream
  • ・Hairbrush
  • ・Hair Clip
  • ・Cotton Swab
  • ・Hair Band
  • ・Mouthwash
  • ・Hair Wax
  • ・Sunscreen (Summer Only)
  • ・Shoe Polisher
  • ・Body Towel
  • ・Makeup Remover
  • ・Facial Cleansing Foam
  • ・Toner
  • ・Lotion
  • ・Bath Salt (Limited Time)
  • ・Coffee Set
  • ・Green Tea Soup (Winter Only)
  • ・Disposable Slippers (Please ask at the front desk)


  • Microwave

    It is in the laundry area in front of the elevator on the 1st floor.

  • Vending Machine / Ice-Making Machine

    They are in the laundry area in front of the elevator on the 1st floor.

  • Smoking Room (1st floor)

    To those who are staying in a non-smoking room, please use the designated smoking room.

  • Coin Laundry

    There are 2 washing machines and 2 dryers in front of the elevator on the 1st floor.

  • Trouser Presser

    They are available in the elevator halls on each floor from the 2nd to 9th floors.

■In-house services

[Free rental equipment]※The number is limited.
  • Charger

  • LAN cable

  • Humidifter

  • Iron

  • Hair Straightener

  • Hanger

  • Desk Lamp

  • Thermometer

  • Bed Guard

  • Nail Clippers

[Paid service]
  • Hotel Laundry Service

    ※Please inquire at the front desk about holidays.

  • Make a Copy

    (Black and White Printing:10 yen per page)
    (Color Printing 50 yen per page)

  • Delivery Service
    (Kuroneko Yamato)
  • FAX

    (10 yen per page to send / Free to receive)

  • Umbrella

    500 yen each (70cm)
    ※Free Rental Umbrella Available (50cm)

  • Early
    1,000 yen per hour
    Up to 3 hours
    1,000 yen per hour
    Up to 2 hours
    Early Check-In
    1,000 yen per hour:Up to 3 hours
    Late Check-Out
    1,000 yen per hour:Up to 2 hours