Japanese/Western breakfast with
plenty of choice

A voluminous buffet-style breakfast where you can enjoy a good
balance of Japanese and Western dishes using Kumamoto's specialties.
Enjoy a colorful breakfast to your liking and start a pleasant day from here.

Abundant Local Cuisine

  • Mustard Lotus Root

    It is a local dish of Kumamoto Prefecture, made by stuffing the holes of lotus root with mustard miso, coating it with yellow batter, and deep-frying it.

  • Ikinari Dango

    It is a local Kumamoto confection made by wrapping sweet potato and bean paste in a wheat flour dough and steaming it.

  • Takana Rice

    Kumamoto’s local food, represented by Aso.

  • Taiping Yan

    A noodle dish that combines vermicelli soup with a variety of stir-fried seafood, meat, and vegetables.

Japanese food example
:White rice, miso soup, fried chicken, grilled fish, simmered dish, grilled egg, etc.
Western food example
:Bread, scrambled eggs, bacon, pasta, salad, etc.
Drink example
:coffee, milk, orange juice, apple juice, etc.