Japanese/Western breakfast with
plenty of choice

A voluminous buffet-style breakfast where you can enjoy a good
balance of Japanese and Western dishes using Kumamoto's specialties.
Enjoy a colorful breakfast to your liking and start a pleasant day from here.

Abundant Local Cuisine

  • Mustard Lotus Root

    It is a local dish of Kumamoto Prefecture, made by stuffing the holes of lotus root with mustard miso, coating it with yellow batter, and deep-frying it.

  • Ikinari Dango

    It is a local Kumamoto confection made by wrapping sweet potato and bean paste in a wheat flour dough and steaming it.

  • Takana Rice

    Kumamoto’s local food, represented by Aso.

  • Taiping Yan

    A noodle dish that combines vermicelli soup with a variety of stir-fried seafood, meat, and vegetables.

Japanese food example
:White rice, miso soup, fried chicken, grilled fish, simmered dish, grilled egg, etc.
Western food example
:Bread, scrambled eggs, bacon, pasta, salad, etc.
Drink example
:coffee, milk, orange juice, apple juice, etc.

Bar Lounge Ascot

Modern and casual dining with
an sophisticated atmosphere.

You can choose from about 50 types of whiskey, shochu, wine,cocktails, etc., including "Ebisu Meister".
We also have an all-you-can-drink plan for hotel guests.