PLACE HOTEL Ascot Kumamoto

Valuable Time in the Best Place

A 9-story and 100-room urban modern hotel.
Located in the Shimodori area,
where is convenient for various scenes such as business and sightseeing,
we offer comfortable stay for our guests.

Information 【Annual event】"Toshikoshi Soba" will be offered exclusively to guests staying on December 31st.


Dear guest, Thank you for your continued patronage of our hotel.

Information about the annual “Toshikoshi Soba event”.

“Toshikoshi soba” is a traditional noodle dish made from buckwheat which we eat on New Year’s Eve.

We will be offering Toshikoshi Soba exclusively for guests staying on December 31st.

Offer starts at 7pm and once it is sold out, it will end.

Please help yourself about the topping ingredients for Soba.

This service is only offered once a year, so be sure to make a reservation!


*The photograph is an image.
Please refrain from eating if you have allergies.